Podcast Recording Guidelines

Members of the UoN Creative Writing Society can record the podcast. Information about recording sessions can be found on our Facebook. Below is a list of simple guidelines for podcast recording.

  • Pieces can be fiction, non-fiction or poetry and should be no more than 1000 words
  • Please send your pieces to the host, Maddie, beforehand at lpymr2@nottingham.ac.uk so she can plan the episode
  • There will be a serialised piece at the end of each podcast. We are looking for between 2-4 maximum 1000 word segments. Again, email Maddie if you have a piece you would like serialised
  • We also have a Book of the Week segment so again, either email or post on the Facebook event if you have a book you would like to showcase. Please bring along the book and choose a segment that you would like to read
  • Before coming to the podcast, organise who will be reading your work
    • If you are reading it, please practice it a couple of times to familiarise yourself
    • If you would like someone else to read, contact them beforehand so they can also practice
    • If you would like someone to add speech or sound effects etc. please organise this beforehand
  • Before reading your piece, introduce it, explain why you wrote it etc. and include a trigger warning if necessary
  • Whilst reading, if you make a mistake, that’s fine, just start again from the beginning of the sentence
  • Afterwards, please talk about the piece just read, what you liked about it, how it made you feel etc.
  • Put phones and computers on silence beforehand. Please try not to move around when recording and, as much as possible, do not talk over each other
  • We will likely record content for multiple podcast episodes at once so please note that your piece may be put in a different episode than expected
  • Be nice and supportive of each other and have fun!



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