Sci-Fi Resources

YouTube Videos

(8:38) Designing Earth-like Atmospheres, by Artifexian:

(3:57) Build your own Terrestrial Planet: Physical Characteristics, by Artifexian:

(5:42) Perception of the Heavens, by Artifexian:

(7:22) Alien Atmospheres: How To Make Plastic Trees, by Artifexian:

(7:17) Alien Biospheres: Part 1 – The Planet, by Biblaridion (ft. Artifexian):

(20:03) Alien Biospheres: Part 2 – Early life and Body Plans, by Biblaridion:

(18:43) Alien Biospheres: Part 3 – Cladistics and Ecology, by Biblaridion:

(1:07:41) Worldbuilding, by Brandon Sanderson:

(10:09) Intro to Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writing, by Brandon Sanderson:

(18:47) YA Genres, by Brandon Sanderson:

(19:08) Adult Genres, by Brandon Sanderson:



Writing Speculative Fiction: Creative and Critical Approaches, by Eugen Bacon



How to Write Science Fiction:

The 3 Golden Rules Of Writing A Science Fiction Book, by Robert Wood:



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