Sci-Fi Resources

YouTube Videos (8:38) Designing Earth-like Atmospheres, by Artifexian: (3:57) Build your own Terrestrial Planet: Physical Characteristics, by Artifexian: (5:42) Perception of the Heavens, by Artifexian: (7:22) Alien Atmospheres: How To Make Plastic Trees, by Artifexian: (7:17) Alien Biospheres: Part 1 – The Planet, by Biblaridion (ft. Artifexian): (20:03) Alien Biospheres: … More Sci-Fi Resources

So Below

By Alex McGinty Creaking joints and spirits grey, Lay dark tablets down this day. Taught of Cthulhu, you must know, As above, so below. Like snarling tomcat, filled with hate, The wicked must accept their fate. With examination of hollow love, As below, so above. The coven dances on the hill, Spreading dread, fear, doom, … More So Below

Off the Page Podcast

  As a relatively new edition to Creative Writing Society, Off the Page is a fantastic platform for members to share their writing with the world.   Episodes can be found on: Audio Boom Spotify And other podcast platforms.   We aim to release episodes fortnightly. Members of the society can come along and record. … More Off the Page Podcast

Dialogue Resources

Websites NY Book Editors: Your Guide to Writing Better Dialogue The NY Book Editors Blog has loads of articles covering a wide range of topics. This one about dialogue gives fully discusses 12 tips for making dialogue serve its purpose for the story and sound natural. Masterclass: How to Write Great Dialogue This article covers … More Dialogue Resources

A Relatable Octopus

Last year we had a collaborative session with Art Soc where we used each other’s work to spark inspiration. Here Meru Yale drew this hilarious octopus from Ravi Kakkad’s writing .    Writing by Ravi Kakkad Art by Meru Yale The octopus is wasted. With one tentacle wrapped around a bottle of vodka and three holding shot … More A Relatable Octopus

우주가 우릴 위해 움직였어 (The Universe Has Moved for Us)

By Madeleine Roche If things turned out differently, would I have met you? You were never supposed to come here. You were supposed to stay miles away from me, drifting through your life as I was with mine. But some plans don’t work out and, damn, am I lucky yours didn’t? Do you believe in … More 우주가 우릴 위해 움직였어 (The Universe Has Moved for Us)

Firelight Issue Three

It’s finally here! The sun, the Saturdays in beer gardens, and the summer edition of Firelight!  Read it here: Firelight Issue Three This issue contains magic, space death, and coffee. What more do you need in life? Our printed copies have flown out of cafes and bookshops already, so if you want to get your hands on … More Firelight Issue Three