Soul Hunter

By Ravi Kakkad Callum doesn’t stand in a forest, nor in a graveyard, nor in a foggy field at midnight. He sits in his bedroom, watching a fanged smile slip from the face of the boy in front of him. The boy, Isaac, begins to shake as Callum whispers a single, cursed word. “Uno.” Isaac … More Soul Hunter

The Old Ways

By Liam Martin They walked side-by-side under the blanket of midnight. A man and a woman, both cloaked. They kept from the paths of civilisation, instead going over fields and through dells. “But they have lost faith in what they once held sacred,” Ouranos said. “They have forgotten the undying balances that govern life; they … More The Old Ways

Don’t Know Much

By Phillip Townsley It looks like I burned all me potatoes again. That’s the fourth time this week. Ma said it’s not me fault. She said it’s summat to do with the stove bein all wrong, like somehow it’s hotter than it ses it is. But she ses a lot of things, does me Ma, … More Don’t Know Much


By Matthew Bird It was a cold bright day in April and my grandmother exploded. “Call me Ismael,” the coroner said. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that exploded grandmothers are dead grandmothers. Consider the tortoise. It too would be dead were it in many many pieces.” It did not fill me with comfort, but … More Beginnings

Blood, Bone, Breath, Bile

By William Phillips Aswen had never gotten along with the Surgery. They catered largely to academics, theoretical thinkers, those seeking to advance Vitamancy as a science. For those more practical practitioners, those who sought a vocation from their education, the Surgery was… Disdainful. Aswen could admit to himself, he wasn’t a particularly talented Osteomancer. He … More Blood, Bone, Breath, Bile