If our members are the the lifeblood of the society, then the committee is the muscles. They work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly, generally doing heavy lifting and exerting a lot of energy.

So without further ado, meet our committee members for 2016/2017!

President -Jack Strawbridge

Hi all, I’m the President of the society this year and I can’t wait to get started. Some of you will remember me as the Editor of our magazine last year, and I am proud to have produced two great magazines full of work from across the university – your work was a joy to read and they shot off the shelves! Outside of the society I study history and will most likely be found hiding (very ineffectively, probably behind a tree) from my dissertation. Otherwise you’ll find me driving ambulances and sticking people back together for a living! After being a part of the society for two years I’ve been offered the reins for what is already promising to be a fantastic year. Trying to top Julia’s work will be a struggle, but with the team we have this year I think we may just be up to the challenge. Looking forward, we will be bringing you the same fun weekly sessions all year round, along with our infamous murder mysteries and a shed load of other surprises! I look forward to working with the rest of the committee and society as we begin a fresh term and I urge anyone who has ideas or concerns to come to us and let us know – we’re always open to ideas! All the best, hope to see you at a session or an event soon!

Web Master – Lizzie Alblas

From the cold depths of the valleys in The North, I make the perilous trip down to Nottingham for each semester to be your web master! So when you get a notification from our facebook, twitter, or tumblr, that was probably me (unless my cat has sat on the keyboard again, which is a very real possibility during the holidays, believe me). I’m the committee’s token English with Creative Writing student (we had to have one, didn’t we?). I write both poetry and fiction, play the piano, sketch, read, and watch a copious amount of movies in my spare time. If you have any questions regarding our web pages, please send them along to (or just contact us on facebook, twitter, or tumblr. We’re everywhere, you can’t escape us).

Jabberwocky Editor – Dan Reid

On a new moon, on the thirteenth day of the month beneath an ancient willow I was born, the son of an exiled prince and an immortal she-elf, the midwife a witch. It was clear from a young age I possessed magical powers beyond human comprehension. Ok that’s not true but I’m pretty boring so thought I’d spice it up a bit. I’m Daniel, ‘Dan’ to some, ‘Idiot’ to many, I’m a maths student who likes to write (we exist ok?) and thinks he has a sense of humour (ha ha). As far as writing goes I typically lean towards world building and horror/fantasy amalgamations. But I enjoy almost all corners of fiction. Other hobbies and interests are rock n metal music, computer gaming, walking and talking to myself… a lot. Anywho, I’m looking forward to tackling the task of editor and reading all of your pieces!

General Secretary – Leila Craven

Hey, I’m Leila! I’m an English student, and my favourite genres to write are fantasy and horror. I can answer any questions on National Novel Writing Month and am usually the one that dishes out the corresponding goodies (when I am not stealing your sweets). Apart from that, my hobbies include sketching, latin and ballroom dancing, composing, and (obviously) writing. I’m always happy to help!

Social Secretary – Ed Wallace

Hey, my name is Ed. Now forget that, you’ll never use it. Call me Maps, everyone else does because I draw maps. Occasionally I write stuff too (promise) mainly it’s fantasy, sometimes it’s gritty and realistic, sometimes it’s not. Usually there’s too much loads of world building (especially of the cartographical kind). Occasionally I write other stuff, and poems, I do poetry too. Feel free to ask me about world building and stuff (or even to draw you a map!), or poetry (if you really want to, I’ll probably just say that free-verse has no rules, that’s why I write it). Elsewhere I’m a History student, a White-water Kayaker (it’s not that cool, cold though), and like Jack you’ll probably find me hiding from my dissertation somewhere.

Treasurer – Natalia Maruta

To be honest, writing books (or at least trying to) and reading them summarises my life pretty well. My grandmother taught me how to read when I was six and that was the last the real world has seen of me. The first story I made up was also around that time and it was a series of short stories for my younger brother, who is now 20 and still sometimes asks for a continuation! 😀 I’m a strictly fiction, mostly fantasy and science fiction, but recently also historical fiction, kind of person. But within that fantasy-science-fiction-history mixture I read all there is. And then some.