President – Matthew BirdMat Bird

Course Title: Centre for Doctoral Training in Fuel Cells and their Fuels. (I make and use hydrogen to save the world)
Writes: I mostly write fantasy and science fiction. I also enjoy reading non-fiction on various topics.
Fun fact: I’m a qualified skydiver (and will tell everyone about it!)


General Secretary – Will PhillipsWill Phillips

Course Title: English and Philosophy
Writes: I generally like to write horrifically clichéd fantasy/urban fantasy with entirely too much focus on world building.
Fun Fact: I’ve capsized more boats than I’ve actually sailed… somehow..


Social Secretary – Katherine GomesKatherine Gomes

Course Title: English with Creative Writing
Writes: I write a lot of thought provoking poetry and dystopian fiction which is currently what my novel in the works is centred around
Fun Fact: I kick ass at limbo.


Editor – Claire MillerClaire Miller

Course Title: Creative Writing
Writes: During my Undergraduate course, I discovered a love of the concise strength of poetry. I’m particularly inspired by landscapes and long train rides. I’m interested in poetic experimentation, but want to strengthen my prose writing too.
Fun Fact: I was once witness to a hilariously catastrophic Viking-style hamster funeral…


Webmaster – Madeleine RocheMaddie Roch

Course title: Psychology
Writes: I like writing dystopian fiction with a lot of angst and LGBT+ relationships. I also write the emails for the society!
Fun fact: I have no canines…


Treasurer – Becky HobbsBecky Hobbs

Course Title: Civil Engineering
Writes: angsty, crime, horror.
Fun Fact: I have 16 piercings, and no, they don’t set off the metal detectors at airports.