Special Events


Throughout the year

We work hard to find guests to speak to the society about publishing, writing and more.

Upcoming Speakers:

Thursday 11 October, 6pm: Dr Catrin Rutland – Short story and non-fiction author

Monday 22 October, 6pm: Georgina Wilding – Nottingham Young Poet Laureate

Tuesday 6 November, 6pm: Marc Gascgoine – Founder of Angry Robot Books



Throughout the year

There are loads of creative societies at the University of Nottingham and we love to collaborate. Throughout the year we will be working with many societies, to bring you sessions full of poetry, role-playing, Harry Potter and more!


Biannual Event

The word ‘murder’ isn’t usually a selling point, but it’s a key part of the biggest night of the Creative Writing year! Assume your new persona, meet and interrogate those of suspicious natures (everyone), and try to solve the case. Sure, you might die in the process,* but you won’t let that put you off attending, right?
                *Disclaimer: no-one is actually maimed or killed during this event. Unless you identify as a snack, in which case many of your people are devoured and we cannot guarantee your safety.