Worldbuilding Resources

Online Scrivener – A popular writing app, excellent for keeping track of worldbuilding side by side with your projects. Their website offers a free 30 day trial and the paid for version can be downloaded for macOS, iOS and Windows. World Anvil – A purpose-made worldbuilding website. Worldbuilding is done through articles which … More Worldbuilding Resources

So Below

By Alex McGinty Creaking joints and spirits grey, Lay dark tablets down this day. Taught of Cthulhu, you must know, As above, so below. Like snarling tomcat, filled with hate, The wicked must accept their fate. With examination of hollow love, As below, so above. The coven dances on the hill, Spreading dread, fear, doom, … More So Below

Soul Hunter

By Ravi Kakkad Callum doesn’t stand in a forest, nor in a graveyard, nor in a foggy field at midnight. He sits in his bedroom, watching a fanged smile slip from the face of the boy in front of him. The boy, Isaac, begins to shake as Callum whispers a single, cursed word. “Uno.” Isaac … More Soul Hunter

The Self-Publishing Journey of an Unsuspecting Fantasy Author

By Ian RobertS I never set out to be a published author. Looking back, I’d always made up stories in my head and as a child drew extensively, creating comic strips and roleplaying games with my brother, yet being a writer was never a particular aim. In the back of my mind I can remember … More The Self-Publishing Journey of an Unsuspecting Fantasy Author

Firelight Issue Two

Hello Spring! The coursework is looming, the sun is shining, but most importantly, the next edition of Firelight is here: Firelight Issue Two If you’re wanting a printed version, you can pick up a copy at any of the following Notts spots: Our regular events (members only) Our Portland stand outside Boots Waterstones Five Leaves … More Firelight Issue Two

The Old Ways

By Liam Martin They walked side-by-side under the blanket of midnight. A man and a woman, both cloaked. They kept from the paths of civilisation, instead going over fields and through dells. “But they have lost faith in what they once held sacred,” Ouranos said. “They have forgotten the undying balances that govern life; they … More The Old Ways

Blood, Bone, Breath, Bile

By William Phillips Aswen had never gotten along with the Surgery. They catered largely to academics, theoretical thinkers, those seeking to advance Vitamancy as a science. For those more practical practitioners, those who sought a vocation from their education, the Surgery was… Disdainful. Aswen could admit to himself, he wasn’t a particularly talented Osteomancer. He … More Blood, Bone, Breath, Bile